Measuring – we provide this service completely free of charge, catering to your needs trying to find the best date and time for us to come and take measurements to give an accurate quotation. We understand some people have busy lives with children and work which is why we also provide this service on a Saturday.

Delivery – this service is provided because we understand some people don’t have a car big enough or access to a van so we provide this service (at a charge depending on location of delivery) to help people get on with their day to day lives without having to worry about how they are going to get their custom made rug, carpet or vinyl home.

Professional Fitting – Our seasoned fitters are experienced and local to the Wandsworth area, this service is available to you to make sure that your satisfaction comes first.

Shop at home – Don’t have time to come down to the shop? No need to worry you can send through a request through our contact us form all we need is your contact information and a description of what you are looking for and we can cater to your needs. (Please note, these quotations given with own measurements are subject to change with a site visit)

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