Wood flooring

Whether it be solid, engineered or laminate flooring, wood is a great traditional look. We can provide an extensive range of wood from many suppliers such as Quick Step, Junckers, Pergo, Kahrs, Tarkett and many more.

All wood floors to suit your needs with a broad range of colour, texture and plank width. If you can’t find what it is your looking for on our website we can always find it in store for you. We are here to find the best wood flooring for your homes so you don’t have to!

Solid wood

Immune to the vageries of fashion, a solid wood floor offers the ultimate in elegance, flexibility and durability. Timelessly beautiful but eminently practical, it’s the perfect solution for any room in the house. Solid wood has an incredible lifespan due to the fact it can be sanded and sealed numerous times when any scratches or nicks appear.

Engineered wood

For many people, engineered wood may be the perfect compromise between solid wood and laminated flooring. Like the solid wood, engineered wood is also made purely from wood composed of a sandwich of 1/8″ and 1/16″ finished wood onto a layer of non-finished ply. The advantage over laminate is that you can sand and seal it, however it can only be done 1-3 times in its lifespan.

Laminate flooring

A very economical alternative to solid or engineered flooring, which is very practical for many areas within the home. Very easy to clean and easy to install, laminate flooring offers you an effortless wood look without the extra maintenance a solid or engineered floor would require. With all wood floor customers we insist that we visit you so we can check sub-floors and measure for an accurate pricing.